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    "Breaking Bread"
    Caritas' presence in "Expo Milano 2015
"Feeding the planet - energy for life" is the Expo Milano 2015 theme.
"Divide to multiply" is Caritas' response: the sharing of resources, knowledge and skills as an answer to the problems of food and nourishment for everyone.
"Divide to multiply" means remembering that in a world inhabited by 7 billion people that produces food for over 12 billion, 800 million are still starving.
"Divide to multiply" is about food as nourishment for the body, and not only; through food, people rediscover their identities and their inner selves; producing food brings them in touch with each other and with nature (work that is organized around individualism and excessive accumulation of resources jeopardizes everybody's future).
"Divide to multiply" is about the sharing of resources and skills in order to multiply energy and possibilities.
"If there is the will, what we have never ends rather,
it abounds and does not get wasted"
Pope Francis

CARITAS Presence in Expo Milano 2015


An interactive and experiential space to universally promote the message "Divide to multiply": a message linking the organization's mission - providing help, assistance and support to the poor and promoting global peace and social justice - with the Expo theme.


A series of events and initiatives that promote both inside and outside Expo Milano 2015 models of social development. Eleven meetings at the exhibition site and many others around the diocesan area, in order to talk seriously about solving the issue of feeding the planet.

Expo day

An Expo day dedicated to Caritas, where the Caritas directors from 200 Countries all over the world will be attending. The results of the international Campaign "One human family, food for all", launched by Pope Francis in 2013, will be shown. The world food campaign promotes worldwide all the necessary actions in order to guarantee healthy and sufficient food for everyone as well as the legal means to obtain it.

Thematic routes

Caritas will offer thematic routes within Expo Milano 2015 - for children, teenagers and adults - aimed at encouraging the perception of the event through topics dear to Caritas: A critical reflection on the indestructible link between man, God, food and the planet.

Expo and territory

Caritas will open both inside Milan Expo 2015 and outside due to its presence in the diocesan territory, through the fluidity and the vivacity of numerous initiatives. Caritas is working hard to raise awareness in the community and trying to find ways of creating new opportunities of reflection and action.

Bearing witness

Caritas' commitment, starting from the Global Campaign, "One Human Family, Food For All", to "Divide To Multiply" for Milan Expo 2015, aims to give earthly testimony of the gospel message of brotherhood, solidarity and love towards one's neighbour, wherever and whoever he may be.


A journey from knowledge to participation through a newsstand, a unique, dedicated space located at the entrance of Expo, the message "Divide To Multiply" becomes an interactive, multimedia experience for the visitor, on the profound meaning of the theme. The visitor will experience five, 10-minute stages, through which they will listen, see, participate and feel moved: and understand that division-sharing is an opportunity.



In the first stage, Caritas welcomes the visitor and introduces itself, recounting more than 60 years of providing support to the poor and oppressed, through listening and action.



The second stage is about feeling: the 1973 installation "Energy" by artist Wolf Vostell, shows a Cadillac, a symbol of consumerism, surrounded by pieces of bread wrapped in newspapers, a primal need, a remedy and medication to rebuild one's internal equilibrium; Vostell's humanism sends a political and social message of worldwide meaning.



The third stage is about Caritas' vision. In a dark and cosy room, illuminated words concerning primal needs, accumulation, justice and conflict will flash on and off.



The fourth stage is about "light": it's the time for hope and sharing! In the room next to Vostell's artwork we will show you examples of how the idea "Divide To Multiply" can become real in everyday life.



Participation is the fifth and last stage: the visitor will be asked to leave a short video-message about a personal experience of sharing. The end result will be a patchwork of stories, told in all the different languages from around the world, a vehicle of change carrying a special energy, an energy grown out of love and human charity that everyone, if one chooses to, can witness.

Caritas' Edicola

>"Divide to Multiply": an interactive path about knowledge, feeling, participation and sharing in a spirit of solidarity.

The mission of Caritas, the Catholic Church's pastoral body, is to provide support and assistance to the poor and marginalized and promote peace and social justice all over the world.
Operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, thanks to its 2137 dioceses, thousands of parishes, communities and charities, Caritas provides everyday support to the more disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed people and takes action to respond to humanitarian emergencies. Every human being in distress is an emergency.
That's why, through its work, Caritas emphasizes the structural causes of poverty and violence and proposes actions aimed at rebuilding social justice and respect for human dignity.
That's why Caritas chose to participate in Expo Milano 2015: to highlight the inequalities still existing in the world, particularly on the subject of food, and to propose new lifestyles focused on people. Caritas wants to offer charity and solidarity as an alternative to global indifference and consumerism.
In December 2013, Pope Francis launched the global Campaign "One Human Family, Food For All", in order to promote actions and policies to guarantee people access to healthy and sufficient food and, above all, to guarantee access to legal instruments to claim food as a human right.
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educational actions

people and families supported


Expo Day "One human family. Food for all". 19th May 2015 all day long

MIGRANTS AND FOOD: From work exploitation to ethnic entrepreneurship . 4th June 2015 morning

Bread and wine: the contribution of Italian mobility to feed the world . 4th june 2015 afternoon

FEED THE PLANET? For fair, sustainable and convivial food. 13th June 2015 morning

Food, land, work: Economic migrants in the Mediterranean area. 2nd July 2015 morning

WAR FOOD. Feeding the planet beyond the paradoxes . 11th September 2015 morning/span>

VOICES FROM THE TERRITORY. "One human family, food for all: It's our duty". 11th September 2015 afternoon

FEED THE PLANET, YES WE CAN: Beyond the paradoxes of food . 12th September 2015 all day long

NOT ONLY WAR. The case of environmental refugees: natural disasters and land grabbing at the basis of forced migrations 24th September 2015 morning

SHARE TO MULTIPLY . Families and lifestyles . 4th October 2015 morning

RIGHT TO FOOD: Interventions of proximity and actions of advocacy . 17th October 2015 morning

"Divide to multiply" ,
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Caritas Italiana

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Caritas Ambrosiana

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"There is food for all, but not everyone can eat, while the waste, scrap, excessive consumption and the use of foods for other purposes are under our eyes "
Pope Francis
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